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Represents the assembly name in which the managed data type class is defined.

Schema Hierarchy

        Implementation (DataType)


<Assembly>Strong-named assembly</Assembly>

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent element of the Assembly element.



Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description

Implementation (DataType)

Represents the managed and/or unmanaged type identification of a data type.

Text Value

The Assembly element and its sibling Type (DataType) element are both required when the data type is defined in managed code. If the data type is also defined in unmanaged code, the ClassID (DataType) element must also be provided.

The value of the Assembly element must represent a strong-named fully qualified assembly name. For more information, see Assembly Names.


For an example of how the Assembly element is expressed in a management pack, see DataType.

Custom data type creation is not supported.

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