To ensure that the System Center Service Manager 2010 database is up to date, the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 connector synchronizes with Configuration Manager every day after the initial synchronization. However, you can use the following procedure to manually synchronize the connector.

To manually synchronize a Configuration Manager connector

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Administration.

  2. In the Administration pane, expand Administration, and then click Connectors.

  3. In the Connectors pane, select the Configuration Manager connector that you want to synchronize.

  4. In the Tasks pane, under the name of the connector, click Synchronize Now.

    Depending on the amount of data that is imported, you might have to wait for the import to be completed.

To validate that a Configuration Manager connector synchronized

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Configuration Items.

  2. In the Configuration Items pane, expand Computers, and then click All Windows Computers. Verify that any new computers in Configuration Manager 2007 appear in the middle pane.