Use the following procedure to provide information about the System Center Configuration Manager central site server; System Center Service Manager 2010 uses this information for self-service software provisioning. The site server information you specify is used by Service Manager to connect to the site server. Later, using the software deployment process you create, the site server information is also used to import the software package list. The software package list is made available to Self-Service Portal users so that they can request software.

To set the Configuration Manager central site settings

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Administration.

  2. In the Administration pane, expand Portal, and then click Settings.

  3. In the Settings pane, click Configuration Manager Software Deployment Configuration.

  4. In the Tasks pane, under Configuration Manager Software Deployment Configuration, click Properties.

  5. In the Configuration Manager Configuration dialog box, in the Site server name box, type the name of the Configuration Manager 2007 central site server.

  6. In the Site code box, type the three-character site code.

  7. Optionally, in the Description box, type a description of the central site server.

  8. Click OK to save and close.

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