You can use the following procedure to create a workflow rule that will change the support tier to Tier 2 whenever the Urgency property of an incident that is related to printing problems is changed to High. This procedure assumes that you already created an incident template to change the support tier to Tier 2, and it assumes that you already created the priority calculation table. For more information, see How to Set Incident Priority and “To create a new printer-related incident template” in How to Create Incident Templates.

To configure an incident workflow

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Administration.

  2. In the Administration pane, expand Administration, expand Workflows, and then click Configuration.

  3. In the Configuration pane, double-click Incident Event Workflow Configuration.

  4. In the Configure Incident Event Workflows dialog box, click Add.

  5. In the Add Incident Event Workflow dialog box, follow these steps:

    1. On the Before You Begin page, click Next.

    2. On the Workflow Information page, in the Name box, type a name for the workflow. For example, type Escalates Printer Problems to Support Tier 2 when the Urgency property is changed to High.

    3. In the Check for events list, select When an incident is updated, make sure that the Enabled check box is selected, and then click Next.

    4. On the Specify Event Criteria page, click the Changed to tab. In the Available Properties list, select Urgency, and then click Add. In the Criteria box, select equals. In the list, select High. Then, click Next.

    5. On the Select Incident Template page, click Apply the following template, and then select the template you created earlier that will set the support group to Tier 2. For example, select Escalate Printer Problems to Tier 2, and then click Next.

    6. On the Select People to Notify page, optionally select the Enable notification check box, select the user to notify, and then click Next.

    7. On the Summary page, review your settings, and then click Create.

    8. On the Completion page, click Close.

  6. In the Configure Incident Event Workflows dialog box, click OK.

To validate an incident workflow

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Work Items.

  2. In the Work Items pane, expand Work Items, expand Incident Management, and then click All Incidents.

  3. In the All Incidents pane, double-click an incident that is not currently assigned to the tier 2 support group.

  4. In the Incident Form page, set the Urgency property to High, and then click OK.

  5. In a few minutes, press F5. Verify that the value in the Support Group box changed to Tier 2.