By default, all System Center Service Manager 2010 users have access to reports through the Reporting workspace. However, before users who do not have administrator permissions can view the Reporting workspace, you need to add permissions through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). You can grant access at the root level, which enables a user to view the Reporting workspace and all the reports in Service Manager. You can also grant restricted access to specific report folders (such as the Incident report folder) or to individual reports. The following procedure describes how to grant SSRS access for all the Service Manager reports to an Active Directory group (woodgrove\SCSMReportAccess).

To add SSRS permissions

  1. On the computer on which SQL Server Reporting Services is installed, start Report Manager.

  2. Locate the folder or report for which you want to grant access permission. For example, locate the Service Manager root folder.

  3. Click Properties, and then click Security.

  4. Click Edit Item Security.

  5. The following message is displayed: "Item security is inherited from a parent item. Do you want to apply security settings for this item that are different from those of the Home parent item?"

    Click OK.

  6. Click New Role Assignment.

  7. Type the name of the Active Directory group or user in the Group or user name box. For example, type woodgrove\SCSMReportAccess.

  8. Set the roles for the group or user. Select the Browser check box to grant access to run reports.

  9. Click OK.