In System Center Service Manager 2010, you can use the following procedure to add a related item to a change request. You can add related items such as configuration items, incidents, other change requests, files, and knowledge articles. When you add files such as saved screen shots, saved written procedures, and knowledge articles, reviewers and implementers can more easily review, approve, and implement the change.

To add files to any work item, including change requests, you must first enable the appropriate option. For more information, see How to Configure General Change Settings ( in the Service Manager Administrator’s Guide.

To add related items to a change request

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Work Items.

  2. In the Work Items pane, expand Change Management, and then click All Change Requests.

  3. In the All Change Requests pane, double-click the change request to which you want to add an item.

  4. Click the Related Items tab.

  5. On the Related Items tab under Attached Files, click Add to attach a file to the change request.

    You might need to maximize the form to view buttons on the tab.
  6. Under Knowledge Articles, click Add to attach a knowledge article to the change request.

  7. Click OK.

To validate that you added related items to a change request

  • To verify that the file and knowledge articles were attached to the change request, reopen the change request, and then click the Related Items tab.