You can use System Center Service Manager Authoring Tool reports to collect and view data and trends from across your business environment. For example, you can generate a report that shows the number of incidents that occur in a specific time frame. And, you can use that information to calculate the cost of each incident (in hours), to identify any trends, and to take preventative measures to reduce the cost and occurrence of incidents.

All Service Manager console users can view reports in Reporting. If users can view work items, they can also view reports in work item task lists. Any user can export report data from a report they view. Exported reports are saved in a variety of file formats.

In This Section

Task Description

How to Add Permissions for Reports

Describes how to set permissions for reports.

How to View the Report Catalog

Describes how to browse the available reports.

How to Run a Report

Describes how to view a report in the Service Manager console.

How to Export Report Data

Describes how to save a report in various formats.

How to Create a Linked Report in Service Manager

Describes how to create a linked report.

How to Add a Report to the Service Manager Favorite Reports Folder

Describes how to save a report to the Favorite Reports folder in the Reporting view.

How to Configure Report Subscriptions

Describes how to create a subscription to reports by using SQL Server Reporting Services.

How to Schedule a Service Manager Report

Describes how to schedule a report to run through SQL Server Reporting Services.