In the Authoring Tool, you can open a management pack, view and customize its objects, and author new objects. The tool has several panes.

You can resize, dock, undock, move, or close each pane according to your preferences. You can open any of the panes in Authoring Tool from the View menu.

Class Browser

The Class Browser pane displays the classes and their properties from all the management packs that are in the Library folder and all the management packs that have been opened in the Authoring Tool. You can also drag a property from this pane to add a control to a form that you are authoring in the authoring pane.

Form Browser

The Form Browser pane displays a list of forms from all the management packs that are in the Library folder or from a specific management pack. From this pane, you can locate and select a form to view or to customize in the authoring pane, without knowing the exact management pack of the form. From this pane, you can also view the details of a form in the Details pane.

Management Pack Explorer

In this navigation pane, you can view management packs and their objects. The objects are grouped by types. The Management Pack Explorer displays classes, forms, workflows, and references. You can also select a specific object, such as a form, to customize.


The authoring pane displays the tabs in which you change or create management pack objects such as forms and classes. For example, when you customize or author forms, this pane displays the user interface controls of a form so that you can add, move, or change these controls to customize the appearance and behavior of the form.

The authoring pane also contains the Start Page tab that displays the Authoring Tool Overview page.


The Details pane displays details such as properties for a selected object. The information in this pane is updated every time you select an object in the Management Pack Explorer, authoring pane, Class Browser pane, or Form Browser pane. You can make changes directly in this pane to update property values.

Form Customization Toolbox

The Form Customization Toolbox pane displays basic user interface controls that you can drag to the authoring pane when you customize forms.

Activities Toolbox

The Activities Toolbox pane displays activities that you can use as building blocks when you author workflows.