Using Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010, you can automate many administrative processes that previously required manual tasks. The feature behind this automation is the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) workflow.

A WF workflow is comprised of workflow activities, which are also referred to as WF activities, to differentiate them from other Service Manager activity types. Each workflow activity performs a function, such as joining a user or a computer to a group in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), creating a Service Manager incident, or running a script. You can assemble WF activities into a workflow that performs a set of tasks, and specify the conditions under which the workflow runs.

The procedures in this section describe how to work with workflows in the Authoring Tool.

In This Section

Automating IT Processes with Workflows

Describes how to use workflows to automate processes in Service Manager.
Creating Workflows for IT Processes

Describes how to create workflows that automate IT processes.
How to Deploy a Workflow to Service Manager

Describes how to deploy a workflow.
Configuring the Activities Toolbox

Describes how to modify the activity toolbox.