The help desk analyst can resolve a parent incident and then Service Manager will automatically resolve all its child incidents, if the Service Manager administrator has configured Incident settings accordingly. This method of resolving incidents can help the analyst quickly close many child incidents. Use the following steps, to resolve a parent incident.

To resolve a parent incident

  1. In the Service Manager console, open the Work Items workspace, and in the Work Items pane expand Incident Management.

  2. Select the All Open Parent Incidents view and then in the list of parent incidents, select the incident that you want to resolve.

  3. In the Tasks pane, click Change Incident Status, and then in the submenu, click Resolve.

  4. In the Resolve dialog box, select a Resolution Category, and then in the Comments box, type a description of the steps you’ve taken to resolve the incident.

  5. If you want child incidents to resolve automatically and the option is available, ensure that the Resolve child incidents when resolving this parent incident option is selected and then click OK to resolve the incident, and child incidents if selected, and close the Resolve dialog box.