This section describes how to use standard reports in System Center Service Manager 2012.

Task Description

Step 1: How to View the Standard Report Catalog

Describes how to view the Standard Report Catalog.

Step 2: How to Add Permissions for Standard Reports

Describes how to add permissions for standard reports.

Step 3: How to Run a Standard Report

Describes how to run standard reports.

Step 4: How to Export Standard Report Data

Describes how to export a standard report.

Step 5: How to Create a Standard Linked Report in Service Manager

Describes how to create a standard linked report.

Step 6: How to Add a Standard Report to the Service Manager Favorite Reports Folder

Describes how to add a standard report.

Step 7: How to Configure Standard Report Subscriptions

Describes how to configure standard report subscriptions.

Step 8: How to Schedule a Standard Service Manager Report

Describes how to schedule a standard Service Manager report

Standard Reports Available in Service Manager

Lists the standard reports available in Service Manager 2012