You can use the following steps in System Center Service Manager 2012 to register the System Center Data Warehouse to Configuration Manager.

To register the data warehouse with Configuration Manager

  1. By using an account that is a member of the Service Manager and data warehouse management administrators group, log on to the computer that hosts the Service Manager console.

  2. In the Service Manager console, select Data Warehouse.

  3. In the Administration pane, expand Data Warehouse, and then select Data Sources.

  4. In the Tasks list, click Register data source.

  5. In the Register Data Source wizard, on the Before You Begin page, click Next.

  6. On the Data Source Type page, select Configuration Manager.

  7. Under Specify a Central Site Server area, type the following information:

    1. For Central Site server name, type the site server name.

    2. For Database name, type the name of the database.

  8. Click Next.

  9. On the Credentials page, you can accept the default entry in the Run as account list, and then click Next, or you can enter credentials from a user or group of your choice.

    The account you specify will be assigned administrative credentials on the Service Manager management server and granted Read permission on the Service Manager database. You can specify different credentials from other Service Manager management groups when registering with the data warehouse.
  10. On the Data Selection page, choose the domains to extract and then click Next. For example, select System Center Configuration Manager Connector Configuration and System Center Configuration Manager Power Management Connector.

  11. On the Summary page you can review the settings you’ve chosen. Click Finish.

  12. On the Result page, when Data source registration complete is displayed, click Finish.

To validate the Configuration Manager registration process

  • In the Data Sources view, the new data source appears in the list of data sources with the data source type of Configuration Manager. You might need to refresh your view to see the new data source.