This topic describes how to add MOM 2005 data sources by using the SCRM 2006 Add Data Source Wizard.

After you have completed the Add Data Source Wizard for a MOM data source, you can schedule a job to synchronize the data from the MOM server to the SCRM server.

Scheduled MOM DTS jobs cannot run simultaneously. When you schedule MOM DTS jobs, ensure that you schedule enough time for the first job to complete before the next job is scheduled to start. If the second job starts before the first has completed, the second job fails.

The user adding a MOM data source must be a member of the SC DW DTS group on the MOM server, and the hotfix from KB article 912787 must be installed on the MOM  server. Otherwise, the user adding the data source must be an Administrator on the MOM server.

To add a data source using the Add Data Source Wizard

  1. Open the SCRM Administrator console.

  2. Navigate to the Data Sources node.

  3. Right-click the Data Source node, and then right-click Add Data Source to begin the Add Data Source Wizard.

  4. Click Next to move past the wizard Welcome screen.

  5. Select Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SP1 or above. Click Next.

  6. Enter the domain and computer of the MOM data source. Click Next.

  7. Enter the name of the SQL Server instance that the MOM Database is installed on. If the MOM database is installed on the default SQL instance, leave the field empty. Click Next.

  8. Enter a name and description for the MOM data source you are creating. Click Next.

  9. Review your selections on the Data Source properties screen. To change a selection, click Back to return to the appropriate wizard page. Click Next to add the data source.

  10. Click Finish to complete the Add Data Source Wizard.

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