configuration database

Stores back-end information that is displayed in the SCRM Administrator console, such as job history and data source information.

data retention group

A list of related tables in the SCRM data warehouse, for which data is retained for the same period of time.

data retention period

The period of time that data is kept.

data source

A particular computer with a SQL Server instance and database, which contains data compatible with SCRM 2006. For SCRM 2006, valid data sources are instances of MOM 2005 and SMS 2003 SP2.

data transformation service

Extracts, transforms, and manages data movement between multiple data sources.

data warehouse

A SQL Server 2005 database specifically structured for query and analysis. The SCRM 2006 data warehouse typically contains MOM, SMS, and potentially custom data, such as Active Directory information.

DTS job

Moves data from the data sources to the SCRM 2006 data warehouse. Reports generated from the data warehouse do not contain data from data sources until DTS jobs have successfully moved the data, updating the reports into the data warehouse.


Removal of data from the data warehouse after a specified period of time.

presentation database

Stores SMS, MOM, and business context data. This database is the reporting layer database where the transformed data from SMS is loaded.

report collection

Multiple reports bundled together in XML files. You cannot add or remove reports from the report collections shipped with MOM 2005 or SCRM 2006.

SCRM Administrator console

Provides the interactive interface you use to configure the operation of the SCRM data warehouse. The primary activities accomplished with the SCRM Administrator console include the following: adding data sources to the data warehouse, modifying existing data transformation service (DTS) jobs and creating new DTS jobs, configuring global settings such as setting grooming policy for MOM and SMS data, and importing report collections to the SQL Reporting Services server.

staging database

Data store where data from SMS is imported and cleansed, purged of duplicate information, and transformed before it is loaded into the presentation database.

temporary database

Used during the data transformation process when a SCRM data source is established. This database is located on the fastest drive of the SCRM 2006 server.

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