This method of unattended installation allows you to perform a custom installation through command-line switches.

Msiexec provides the means to install, modify, and perform operations on Windows Installer from the command line.

The command-line installation can be done directly on the target computer if you have local administrator rights on the target computer.

For a list of all command-line parameters and options, see SCRM 2006 Installation Command-Line Parameters.

The following example procedure includes all mandatory properties.

To install SCRM using the command line

  1. Run SCReporting.msi from the CD or root directory. For this example the CD is drive D:msiexec /qn /log "C:\SC-logSCRM.txt" /i "D:\SCReporting.msi" DB_SIZE="300" STG_DB_SIZE="300" CONF_DB_SIZE="10" SQLSVR_INSTANCE="" REPORTING_USER="administrator" REPORTING_PASSWORD="******" REPORTING_DOMAIN="SCRM2006" REPORT_SERVER="scrm2006" PIDKEY="*************************"

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