After an SMS data source has been created in SCRM 2006, you must run an SMS data source configuration script to install the SCRM SMS Site Service on the SMS Server to enable SCRM 2006 to access data from the SMS source.

To configure an SMS server as an SCRM data source using a configuration script

  1. Locate the SMS data source setup files in %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Microsoft System Center Reporting Manager\Utilities\Data Source Setup\SMS. The following files are required:

    1. The SMS data source configuration batch file named SmsSrcSetup<DataSourceName>.bat where DataSourceName is the name of the SMS data source you previously created.

    2. The SMS data source install file named ReportingDataSource.msi.

  2. Copy the two files to a folder on the SMS server for the SMS data source.

  3. Run the SMS data source configuration batch file on the SMS server. An optional installation path parameter can be provided. If no installation path is provided, the setup installs to %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Microsoft System Center Reporting Manager.

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