Additional manual configuration is required when the SMS data source server and the SCRM computer reside in different domains and no trust exists between the domains. You need to set up security for the SCRM SMS site service on the SMS data source that is in an untrusted domain from the computer hosting SCRM 2006.

The SCRM SMS site service on the SMS data source can run under the Local System account, or it can run under a different account. The account that the SCRM SMS site service on the SMS data source computer runs under is the account that is used when the shared folder is on the SCRM computer. This account is the one that should be used to map the shared folder to the SMS data source computer.

If the SCRM SMS site service on the SMS computer is running under a user account, you will need to manually map the shared folder. If the service runs under the Local System account, perform the following procedure to create the Windows Task Scheduler (WTS) task and run the synchronization job.

To configure an SMS server in an untrusted domain using the Local System account

  1. Create a text file. Add the following in the file:

    net use z:\\<ComputerName>\SCRMSMSShare\<Password>/USER:<Domain>\<User>

  2. Change the extension of this file from .txt to .cmd.

  3. Create a WTS task to run this .cmd file.

  4. Provide the Run as account NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. Run this WTS task.

  5. Open SQL Server Management Studio. Navigate to the SMS database for which the .bat file is to be run.

  6. Open the SCRM_MTD_Configuration table.

  7. Change the ShareDirectory path from \\<SCRMServer>\SCRMSMSShare\<DataSourceName> to z:\<DataSourceName>.

  8. Restart the SMS Data Source service.

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