The Add Data Source Wizard is used to add a new SMS data source. After the wizard has completed, additional configuration is necessary because the SCRM SMS Site Service must be installed on the SMS server. For more information, see How to Configure an SMS Server as an SCRM Data Source.

When you create the SMS data source, you are prompted for an account used to transfer from the SMS source to the SMS Data\<SMS Data Source Name> folder. It is recommended that you use the computer account of the SMS data source computer. The specified account is granted access to the shared folder on the SCRM computer. It is also granted full access to the folder that is created for the SMS data source.

If the user changes the account that moves the data from the SMS computer, you need to grant permissions to the new account on the SCRM computer.

To add an SMS data source using the Add Data Source Wizard

  1. Open the SCRM Administrator console, and navigate to the Data Sources node.

  2. Right-click the Data Source node, and then right-click Add Data Source to start the Add Data Source Wizard. Click Next.

  3. Select Microsoft Systems Manager 2003 SP2 or above. Click Next.

  4. Enter the domain and computer name of the SMS data source. Click Next.

  5. Enter the name of the SMS data source database. Click Next.

  6. Enter a name and description for the SMS data source you are creating. Click Next.

  7. Enter the account to be used for transferring SMS data to the SCRM data warehouse. Click Next.

    The data transfer is controlled by the SCRM SMS site service (SCRMClientSvc.exe). If you do not provide an account, the Local System account is used. If a different account is specified in the wizard, the SCRM site service must be changed to run under that account.
  8. Review your selections in the Data Source properties screen. To change a selection, click Back to return to the appropriate page. Click Next to add the data source.

  9. Click Finish to close the Add Data Source Wizard.

  10. Configure the SMS data source by using the instructions in How to Configure an SMS Server as an SCRM Data Source.

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