Follow these instructions to uninstall SCRM 2006 from your data warehouse server and from your SMS servers designated as data sources. Before you uninstall SCRM 2006, ensure that you have backed up any data you might need later.

SCRM 2006 can be uninstalled only by an account that belongs to the local Administrators group on the SCRM 2006 server.

To uninstall SCRM on a data warehouse server

  1. If there are any synchronizations in progress, stop the DTS job Process DW Job.

  2. Navigate to Control Panel, and click Add or Remove Programs.

  3. Scroll to Microsoft System Center Reporting Manager 2006, and click Remove.

  4. After successful removal of SCRM 2006, launch SQL Server Management Studio. Delete the following databases (in any order) by right-clicking the database name:

    • SystemCenterConfiguration

    • SystemCenterPresentation

    • SystemCenterStaging

    If the databases are locked, SQL Server will fail to delete them. If this occurs, stop and restart the SQL Server service. This unlocks all the databases. Continue to delete the databases.

  5. Determine whether any inbound files are in the shared folder SCRM_Staging\ Datasource. Delete the folder manually.

To uninstall SCRM on a data warehouse server using the command line

  1. Run msiexec from the CD or root directory. The parameter dbremove is optional. For this example, the CD is drive D: and databases will be deleted:

msiexec /qn /log “C:\SCRMUninstall.log” /s “D:\screporting.msi” dbremove=”1”

To uninstall SCRM on an SMS server

  1. Stop the SCRM SMS Site Service. If this service cannot be stopped, the only workaround is to reboot the server.

  2. On your SMS server designated as a data source, navigate to Control Panel and click Add or Remove Programs.

  3. Scroll to Microsoft Systems Management Server Data Source for SCRM 2006, and click Remove.

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