Before a MOM database server can be used as an SCRM 2006 data source, the SCRM account used to run the Windows Task Scheduler (WTS) task that calls the MOM DTS job needs to be granted read access to the MOM data source tables.

The user group that grants read access on the MOM computer is SC DW DTS and has Select permission on the MOM database tables. The SC DW DTS user group inherits its permissions from its corresponding SQL login SC DW DTS that is a member of the SC DW DTS SQL role.

To configure a MOM server as an SCRM data source

  1. Right-click the WTS task SC_MOM_Default-Dts1_from <your MOM data source name>, and select Properties.

  2. On the Task tab, note the account used in the Run as box.

  3. Add the account to the SC DW DTS user group on the MOM data source computer.

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