By default, most DTS jobs are configured to run once a day. It is recommended that delta synchronization is run once per day. Full synchronization should be run on an as-needed basis only; for example, on initial data loading or for disaster recovery.

After it is started, synchronization cannot be canceled.

When you schedule a Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) job, the date and time you enter should be the time that you want the job to run on the SMS Server or MOM Server and it should be the local time for those servers.

For example, if the SCRM server is located in Seattle (PT) and the SMS site server where the job runs is located in New York City (ET), enter the New York City time.

Synchronize SCRM data sources

  1. Open the SCRM Administrator console, and navigate to the Data Sources node.

  2. Select the data source you want to synchronize.

  3. Select DTS Jobs.

  4. In the right pane, double-click the job SC_SMS_Full-Dts1_from<your data source name>. This job performs a full synchronization of source data to the SCRM data warehouse.

    Alternatively, to schedule delta synchronization, select SC_SMS_Delta-Dts1_from<your data source name>.

  5. In the dialog box displayed, click the Schedule tab.

  6. Enter a schedule for the job.

  7. Click the General Tab.

  8. Select the This DTS Job is enabled check box.

  9. Click OK to enable the job and synchronize data based on your schedule.

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