Import Reports

Use the Import Reports Wizard to guide you through the process of importing one or more Report Collection files.

The wizard displays the following pages:

Welcome Page This is the first page that the wizard displays.
Report Collections Folder Page

Use the Report Collections Folder page to navigate to the directory, which contains the report collection files you wish to import and add an option import comment.

See: Browse for Folder dialog box

Select Report Collections Page Use the Select Report Collections page to choose which report collection files to import.
Confirm and Finish Page

Use the Finish button to initiate the report collection import process using the security context of the logged-on user.

See :

Import Reports account Dialog box

Import Status dialog Box

While the report import process is running, the Create Log File and Close buttons are disabled.

When the report import process is completed, the Current Operation group of controls is hidden and the Summary group expands to fill the space. The Create Log File and Close buttons are then enabled.

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