Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Warehouse Namespace

Updated: April 16, 2012

Class Description
DataWarehouse A data warehouse (similar to a database) that is used to store information about ManagementGroup objects.
DataWarehouseBaseInfo Contains the properties that provide the name, description, and identifier for a data warehouse.
ImageInfo Contains image information for a monitoring class.
ManagementGroupInfo Contains Management Group information, such as the writer login name and a Boolean value that determines whether the Management Group is the Management Group that contains all the other Management Groups.
ManagementPackInfo Instantiates an implementation of abstract class DataWarehouseBaseInfo.
MonitoringClassInfo Contains the system name of a monitoring class.
MonitoringObjectInfo Contains information about a monitoring object, such as the monitoring class and Management Group information for the monitoring object.
MonitoringRuleInfo Contains information about a monitoring rule.
PerformanceObjectInfo Contains information about an object used to monitor performance data.
PerformanceRuleInfo Contains information about a rule for performance data.
ServiceLevelAgreementInfo Contains information about a service level agreement.