Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Monitoring Namespace

Updated: April 16, 2012

Class Description
CustomMonitoringEvent Represents a custom monitoring event that can be inserted into the Operations Manager system.
CustomMonitoringEventMessage Represents a custom monitoring event message that is used in CustomMonitoringEvent objects.
CustomMonitoringPerformanceData Represents a custom object for monitoring performance data.
DiscoverySource The abstract base class for a discovery source.
ExternalRollupMonitoringState Defines a monitoring state object that represents an external rollup monitor.
GroomingNotificationEventArgs Contains event arguments for grooming notifications.
GroomingStatusInfo Contains grooming information for a single grooming object.
MaintenanceWindow Represents a maintenance mode window that contains information about entering maintenance mode.
MonitoringAlert Represents an Operations Manager monitoring alert. In Operations Manager, an alert is an item that indicates that a predefined situation has occurred on a monitored object. Alerts are defined by rules.
MonitoringAlertCriteria Specifies the criteria for the GetMonitoringAlertReader method and the GetMonitoringAlerts method, limiting the returned objects to those that meet the criteria.
MonitoringAlertHistory Contains information about the history of a monitoring alert.
MonitoringAlertProperty Represents a property of the MonitoringAlert class.
MonitoringAlertReader Used as a reader for retrieving an alert.
MonitoringAlertResolutionState Represents an alert resolution state.
MonitoringAlertUpdateFailure Contains the exception that occurred when a monitoring alert failed to update.
MonitoringEvent Represents a monitoring event.
MonitoringEventCriteria Used to specify the criteria for the GetMonitoringEvents method and the GetMonitoringEventReader method, limiting the returned objects to those that meet the criteria.
MonitoringEventProperty Represents a property of the MonitoringEvent class.
MonitoringEventReader Enables you to read monitoring events.
MonitoringObject Represents a monitoring object and provides access to its properties, state, as well as related monitoring objects.
MonitoringObjectCriteria Specifies the criteria for the GetMonitoringObjects method and the GetRelatedMonitoringObjects method, limiting the returned objects to those that meet the criteria.
MonitoringObjectDiscoverySource Represents a discovery source for relationship objects.
MonitoringObjectGenericCriteria Specifies the criteria for the GetMonitoringObjects, GetPartialMonitoringObjects, GetRelatedMonitoringObjects and GetRelatedPartialMonitoringObjects methods, limiting the returned objects to those that meet the criteria.
MonitoringObjectGroup Represents a group of monitoring objects.
MonitoringPerformanceData Contains monitoring performance data.
MonitoringPerformanceDataCriteria Specifies the criteria for the GetMonitoringPerformanceData method and the GetMonitoringPerformanceDataReader method, limiting the returned objects to those that meet the criteria.
MonitoringPerformanceDataReader Retrieves performance data.
MonitoringPerformanceDataValue Contains performance data and information about when the performance data was retrieved.
MonitoringPerformanceDataValueReader Used to read monitoring performance data values.
MonitoringPerformanceSignature Represents a performance signature.
MonitoringPerformanceSignatureValue Represents a performance signature value.
MonitoringRelationshipObject Represents a monitoring relationship.
MonitoringRelationshipObjectDiscoverySource Represents a discovery source for relationship objects.
MonitoringState Defines the state of a monitoring object.
MonitoringStateChangeEvent Represents a monitoring state change event.
OperationalDataObject Represents an operational data object.
OperationalDataProperty Represents an abstract base class for operational data properties.
PartialMonitoringAlertReader Represents a reader for MonitoringAlert objects.
PartialMonitoringEventReader Represents a reader for MonitoringEvent objects.
PartialMonitoringObject Represents a monitoring object that is a partial instance of a monitoring class.
PartialMonitoringObjectGroup Represents a group of partial monitoring objects.
PartialOperationalDataReader Abstract class for reading operational data object properties.
Delegate Description
MonitoringTaskStatusChangeCallback The delegate for handling task status change notifications (per batch). Obsolete.
Enumeration Description
DiscoverySourceType Defines the various types of possible discovery sources.
MaintenanceModeReason Defines the various reasons for entering maintenance mode.
MonitoringAlertConnectorStatus Defines the state of a monitoring alert with regard to the alert's connector.
MonitoringObjectGenericPropertyName Represents a generic property type for a monitoring object.
OperationalDataObjectType Defines the object types that grooming information is provided for.
SystemMonitoringAlertResolutionState Defines monitoring alert resolution states.