Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ConnectorFramework Namespace

Updated: April 16, 2012

Class Description
ConnectorFrameworkProxy Used for building monitoring connector applications that synchronize data in System Center Operations Manager 2007 with other management applications. The ConnectorFrameworkProxy class provides methods to register and initialize a monitoring connector.
ConnectorMonitoringAlert Contains information about an alert returned from a monitoring connector.
ConnectorMonitoringAlertUpdateFailure Represents a failure that occurred from updating an alert.
ConnectorTieredOperationFailure Represents an operation failure for a given tiered Management Group.
MonitoringConnector Retrieves and updates alerts and inserts discovery data.
MonitoringConnectorSubscription Represents a monitoring connector subscription.
Interface Description
IConnectorFramework Defines the methods to register and initialize a connector and to monitor its communication channel and state after it has begun sending data.
Enumeration Description
ConnectorMonitoringAlertUpdateFailureReason Provides the reason why the ConnectorMonitoringAlertUpdateFailure occurred.
ConnectorState Indicates the possible initialization states for a monitoring connector.