OperationalDataObjectType Enumeration

Updated: April 16, 2012

Defines the object types that grooming information is provided for. Namespace: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Monitoring
Assembly: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager (in Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.dll)Dim instance As OperationalDataObjectType <SerializableAttribute> _ Public Enumeration OperationalDataObjectType[SerializableAttribute] public enum OperationalDataObjectType[SerializableAttribute] public enum class OperationalDataObjectType/** @attribute SerializableAttribute() */ public enum OperationalDataObjectTypeSerializableAttribute public enum OperationalDataObjectType
Member name Description
MonitoringAlert The alert grooming notification. Alerts are groomed based on the TimeResolved property.
MonitoringEvent The event grooming notification. Events are groomed based on the TimeGenerated property.
MonitoringPerformanceData The performance data grooming notification. Performance data is groomed based on the sample time.
MonitoringStateChangeEvent The state change event notification. State change events are groomed based on the TimeResolved property.

Development Platforms

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and

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