MaintenanceWindow Members

Updated: April 16, 2012

Represents a maintenance mode window that contains information about entering maintenance mode.

The following tables list the members exposed by the MaintenanceWindow type.

  Name Description
public property Comments Gets the comments that appear in the maintenance mode window.
public property EndTime Gets the actual time (as opposed to the scheduled time), in DateTime format, that maintenance mode ended.
public property LastModified Gets the time, in DateTime format, that the monitoring object was last modified.
public property ManagementGroup  (inherited from MonitoringBase)
public property ManagementGroupId  (inherited from MonitoringBase)
public property MonitoringObjectId Gets the globally unique identifier (GUID) for the monitoring object.
public property Reason Gets the reason for entering maintenance mode.
public property ScheduledEndTime Gets the scheduled time, in DateTime format, that maintenance mode will end.
public property StartTime Gets the time, in DateTime format, that maintenance mode started.
public property User Gets the user that last modified the monitoring object.
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