IOperationalDataManagement Members

Updated: April 16, 2012

An interface that provides access to operational data.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IOperationalDataManagement type.

  Name Description
public method GetGroomingStatusInfo Retrieves a collection of the current grooming information.
public method GetMonitoringAlert Retrieves a monitoring alert.
public method GetMonitoringAlertReader Overloaded. Retrieves a MonitoringAlertReader object that reads alerts.
public method GetMonitoringAlertResolutionState Retrieves a monitoring alert resolution state by specifying a resolution state value.
public method GetMonitoringAlertResolutionStates Retrieves all the resolution states.
public method GetMonitoringAlerts Overloaded. Retrieves a collection of monitoring alerts from the management group.
public method GetMonitoringAlertsCount Overloaded. Retrieves the number of MonitoringAlert objects.
public method GetMonitoringEvent Retrieves the monitoring event that has the specified GUID.
public method GetMonitoringEventReader Overloaded. Retrieves a reader for event objects.
public method GetMonitoringEvents Overloaded. Retrieves monitoring events.
public method GetMonitoringPerformanceData Overloaded. Retrieves monitoring performance data from the management group.
public method GetMonitoringPerformanceDataById  
public method GetMonitoringPerformanceDataReader Overloaded. Retrieves a performance data reader object that contains performance data.
public method GetPartialMonitoringAlertReader Overloaded. Retrieves a PartialMonitoringAlertReader object for accessing MonitoringAlert objects in the ManagementGroup object.
public method GetPartialMonitoringEventReader Overloaded. Retrieves a PartialMonitoringEventReader object for accessing MonitoringEvent objects.
public method UpdateMonitoringAlerts Overloaded.  
  Name Description
public event OnGroomingNotification Notifies subscribers when grooming occurs.