IOperationalDataManagement.GetPartialMonitoringEventReader Method (Guid, MonitoringEventCriteria, TraversalDepth, MonitoringEventProperty[])

Updated: April 16, 2012

Retrieves a PartialMonitoringEventReader object for accessing MonitoringEvent objects in the ManagementGroup object. The returned MonitoringEvent objects are scoped to a System.Guid object of a specific PartialMonitoringObject object, the MonitoringEventCriteria object, the TraversalDepth object, and the MonitoringEventProperty properties. Namespace: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement
Assembly: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager (in Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.dll)Dim instance As IOperationalDataManagement Dim instanceId As Guid Dim criteria As MonitoringEventCriteria Dim traversalDepth As TraversalDepth Dim properties As MonitoringEventProperty() Dim returnValue As PartialMonitoringEventReader returnValue = instance.GetPartialMonitoringEventReader(instanceId, criteria, traversalDepth, properties)Function GetPartialMonitoringEventReader ( _ instanceId As Guid, _ criteria As MonitoringEventCriteria, _ traversalDepth As TraversalDepth, _ ParamArray properties As MonitoringEventProperty() _ ) As PartialMonitoringEventReaderPartialMonitoringEventReader GetPartialMonitoringEventReader ( Guid instanceId, MonitoringEventCriteria criteria, TraversalDepth traversalDepth, params MonitoringEventProperty[] properties )PartialMonitoringEventReader^ GetPartialMonitoringEventReader ( Guid instanceId, MonitoringEventCriteria^ criteria, TraversalDepth traversalDepth, ... array<MonitoringEventProperty^>^ properties )PartialMonitoringEventReader GetPartialMonitoringEventReader ( Guid instanceId, MonitoringEventCriteria criteria, TraversalDepth traversalDepth, MonitoringEventProperty[] properties )function GetPartialMonitoringEventReader ( instanceId : Guid, criteria : MonitoringEventCriteria, traversalDepth : TraversalDepth, ... properties : MonitoringEventProperty[] ) : PartialMonitoringEventReaderParametersinstanceIdcriteriaAn optional MonitoringEventCriteria object by which to scope the method. Otherwise, pass null.traversalDepthThe TraversalDepth object the defines the traversal depth of the class instances to be retrieved. The OneLevel object scopes the method to just the instance of the given class. The Recursive object scopes the method to the instance of the given class and to all entities contained by instances of that class.propertiesThe MonitoringEventProperty properties by which this method is to be scoped.Return ValueReturns a PartialMonitoringEventReader object.
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