You must make sure that the certificate for the newly created MDM Gateway Management Web site is valid and has a private key that corresponds to the MDM Gateway Server certificate. You must also verify that there is no error message that states there is a problem with the certificate.

To validate the MDM Gateway Server certificate

  1. On MDM Gateway Server, open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, expand Web Sites, right-click Gateway Management Web site, and then select Properties.

  2. In the Gateway Management Web site Propertiesdialog box, choose the Directory Securitytab, and then select View Certificate.

  3. Choose the Generaltab. Make sure that the dates are valid and that you can view the You have a private key that corresponds to this certificateat the bottom of the dialog box.

    If you are using multiple certification authorities, you must validate that the whole certificate chain is valid. To do this, choose the Certification Pathtab. Under Certificate status, verify that each certificate in the chain indicates This certificate is OKstatus.
  4. Choose OKto close the dialog box.