This section provides information about the security Architecture in System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM), best practices, and recommended Group Policy Settings.

In This Section

Security Considerations in Mobile Device Manager

Introduces Security considerations for MDM.

Security Risks in the Mobile Enterprise with MDM

Describes possible security threats to a company network that supports MDM and Windows Mobile 6.1 devices and discusses how you can protect against those threats.

MDM Security Architecture

Describes the security architecture. This includes security roles, and security features in Windows Mobile 6.1.

Security Best Practices in MDM

Presents security best practices for your MDM infrastructure.

MDM and Microsoft Certification Authorities

Describes how MDM uses certificates from your existing Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and shows the certificate templates created during MDM installation.

Server Administrator Roles in MDM

Presents tasks that can be performed by each administrator role and by using each MDM service.

Server Infrastructure Roles in MDM

Presents tasks that can be performed by each infrastructure role.

Recommended Group Policy Settings in MDM

Presents recommended policy settings for several scenarios.