After you establish network connectivity through the Device Emulator, validate the connectivity by trying to access a Web site.

To validate Device Emulator connectivity

  1. On the Startmenu, point to All Programs, point to Windows Mobile 6 SDK, point to Standalone Emulator Images, point to US English, and then choose WM 6.1 Professional, or WM 6.1 Standard.

  2. Wait for Windows Windows Mobile 6.1 to start on the Device Emulator.

  3. When the default page appears (the Todayscreen on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional or the Homescreen on Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard), choose Start, and then choose Internet Explorer.

  4. In Internet Explorer, navigate to http://www.microsoft.com and make sure that the Web site displays properly.

  5. In Internet Explorer, enter the address of your enrollment server to see if the simulated device can find it to connect. For example, https://<enrollment server name>/enrollmentserver/service.asmx?op=ShouldEnroll.