Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Software Distribution Console lets you control the whole process of updating managed Windows Mobile devices by determining which packages they need, how to install the packages, and monitoring the deployment status of the managed devices.

After you enroll devices on to System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM), you have to group them for effective management. The groupings will vary, and you should plan these groupings carefully. Then, you can create the groups by using MDM Software Distribution Console and then assign the managed devices to these groups.

Device Groups

At first, MDM Software Distribution Console creates two groups, All Devicesand Unassigned Devices.

You can remove any device group except the Unassigned Devicesgroup and the All Devicesgroup. Every managed device belongs to the All Devicesgroup. Until you add a managed device to a group that you create, it is a member of the Unassigned Devicesgroup. You can assign a managed device to multiple groups, and you can nest groups inside other groups.

Methods for Assigning Devices to Groups

After you create managed device groups by using MDM Software Distribution Console, you can assign managed devices to these groups by using one of the following methods:

  • Server-side targeting: Use MDM Software Distribution Console to move managed devices to one device group at a time

  • Client-side targeting: Use Group Policy to direct managed devices to add themselves automatically to device groups

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