Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Software Distribution Console uses metadata from managed Windows Mobile devices and packages to present reports in graphically rich formats.

MDM Software Distribution Console presents reports in three formats, summary, detailed, and tabular. To switch between report formats from any report view, select Report View.

You can print each report, or export it to Microsoft Office Excel or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Package Status Terminology

MDM Software Distribution Console can display package status for a particular managed device, or device group, and present the package status in one of six terms. The following defines each possible status report.

Update status Description

No status

MDM software distribution was unable to obtain the status of the package. Typically, this means that the managed device has not contacted since the package was published.


When it refers to the status of one managed device, this means that you should install the package on that managed device. When it refers to the status of a device group, the Applicable Countcolumn displays the number of managed devices in the group on which you should install the package. If the package has already been sent to the managed device, the device has not responded to indicate that the software installed.

Not applicable

The package does not apply to the managed device.


The package is installed on the managed device.


The package installation failed on the managed device.

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