Before you distribute a package, you must approve it to be delivered to specific groups of managed devices. You can approve a package for installation, which installs the software on the device, or for removal, which uninstalls the software from the device.

You can approve a package differently for each device group. For example, you can approve the package for installation on one device group, approve it for removal on another group, and not approve the package on a third group.

All device groups inherit the approval state of the All Devicesgroup. For example, if you set All Devicesto Approve for Installation, then the package will be installed on all devices regardless how you approve the package for each device group. To approve the package differently for each device group, set the All Devicesgroup to Not Approved.

The following procedure shows you how to approve packages in Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Software Distribution Console. You can approve packages for all managed Windows Mobile devices or for specific device groups. You can perform this procedure for one or more packages.

If the package is published and approved and then the device switches to roaming, the updates are downloaded and installed even if the Group Policy Configure device management when roamingis set to Disabledor Not Configured, or the policy is set to Enabledand Allow software download and Windows Update settingsis not selected. If the package is published and approved after the device switches to roaming, and the above policy is enabled and selected, then the package is not downloaded to the device unless the user selects Retryin the download agent on the device.

To approve packages

  1. In the navigation pane, expand Packages, and then select the group that contains the packages that you want to approve. The console tree groups packages by classification.

  2. In the details pane, filter the packages to display the packages that you want to approve.

  3. In the list of packages, select one or more packages.

  4. Right-click one or more packages, and then select Approve.

  5. In the Approve Packagesdialog box, in the Device Groupsection, select the icon next to a device group and then select Approved for Installor Approved for Removal. If you do not want the package delivered to a device group, select Not Approved.

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