The MDM Client Tools in the MDM Resource Kit will work with the Device Emulator so you can enable device logging to troubleshoot enrollment and VPN issues on the simulated device with your MDM system.

You can download MDM Client Tools from the Download tab on the MDM TechCenter at this Microsoft Web site: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=108953

Use the MDM Client Tools with the Device Emulator

You can enable logging for device enrollment and Software Distribution activity using the MDM Client Tools. Please refer to the toolkit guides for more information.

To use the tools on the Simulated Device
  1. On the Device Emulator, choose File, and then choose Configure.

  2. In the Emulator Propertiesdialog box, on the Generaltab, click the ellipsis button (…) for Shared Folder.

  3. In the Browse for Folderdialog box, select the folder where the Toolkit files are saved, and then choose OK.

  4. In the Emulator Propertiesdialog box, choose OK.

  5. On the Device Emulator, use File Explorerto locate the Toolkit files. The Shared Folderappears as a Storage Cardon the emulator.

  6. Click one of the following files in the Toolkit to run them if you find issues that you want to troubleshoot:

    • MDMVPNDiagnostics.CAB, which installs the MDM VPN Diagnostic tool.

    • MDMConnectNow.CAB, which installs the MDM Connect Now tool

  7. Follow the instructions in the toolkit guides that are downloaded with the tools.

Verify Tool Installation

Verify that the tools are installed on the Device Emulator
  1. From the Startmenu, choose Programs.

  2. Make sure that MDM VPN Diagnosticsappears in the list of programs. If it does not, then the MDM VPN Diagnostic tool did not install properly. To install this tool again, run the MDMVPNDiagnostics.CAB file on the Device Emulator.

  3. Choose File Explorer.

  4. In File Explorer, browse to the Program Filesfolder, choose MDM Connect Now, and then choose the MDM Connect Nowicon. This step should start a synchronization session with MDM. If it does not, then the MDM Connect Now tool did not install properly. To install this tool again, run the MDMConnectNowfile on the Device Emulator.