The primary function of Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Device Management Server is to transform infrastructure management system protocols into Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) data commands. Then, MDM Device Management Server sends these commands to Windows Mobile devices outside the company network through Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Gateway Server. MDM Device Management Server also has drivers for Group Policy and software distribution.

MDM Device Management Server Installation Procedures

The following steps show you how to install MDM Device Management Server, and represent a single MDM Device Management Server installation. If you deploy multiple computers that are running MDM Device Management Server, the Web site port pages will not appear after the first MDM Device Management Server installation Setup. The computer that is running the SQL database instance for MDM stores the information that is collected from these pages for successive MDM Device Management Server installations. This information is collected on the first MDM Device Management Server or MDM Enrollment Server installation. Additionally, if you deploy multiple computers that are running MDM Device Management Server (recommended) now, or in the future, you must enter the information for the load balancer instead of the information for the individual computer that is running MDM Device Management Server.

After you install MDM Enrollment Server for the first time, you must allow for enough time for Active Directory replication to complete before you install MDM Device Management Server. Replication times will vary based on the size of your Active Directory environment and network latency issues. The Active Directory Replication Monitor (Replmon) may help determine replication status. For more information, see Replmon Overview at this Microsoft Web site: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=107096 .

For more information about load balancers and load balancing topologies, see MDM System Topologiesin the MDM Planning Guide.

Before you install and deploy MDM by following the steps in this guide, you must first plan your deployment and configure your IT environment. To do this, follow the steps and guidelines in the MDM Planning Guide. MDM Planning and Deployment Checklistsspecifies the permissions and roles required to complete the following steps.

To install MDM Device Management Server

  1. On the System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) installation CD, on the Setup menu, choose Mobile Device Management Server.

  2. On the Mobile Device Management Serverpage, choose Next.

  3. On the End-User License Agreement, read the agreement, select I accept the License Terms for Microsoft Software, and then choose Next.

  4. On the Installation Directorypage, type the path of the directory, or accept the default directory path, and then choose Next.

  5. On the Database Installationpage, type the location of the computer that is running an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server® by using a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). If you are running Microsoft SQL Server locally, you must still supply the FQDN and cannot enter the value localhost or localhost\<sqlinstance>. Select the Current Windows credentialscheck box and then choose Next. If you specified the SQL database during MDM Enrollment Server Setup, you cannot modify this information.

  6. On the Device Management Server Locationpage, type the MDM Device Management Server FQDN in the Device Management FQDNbox. If you deploy more than one MDM Device Management Server, type the FQDN of the load balancer. Choose Next.

    If you are using, or will ever use, multiple computers that are running MDM Device Management Server, you must enter the load balancer FQDN. This makes sure that Setup correctly configures certificates and service connection points (SCP).
  7. On the Device Management Setuppage, enter the ports for the Device Management Web site and the Administration Web site. Choose Next. Make sure that these ports are not being used.

  8. On the Server Certification Authoritypage, type the name of your certification authority server in the Certification Authoritybox. Choose Next. Type the certification authority in the form of <ca_server_name>\<ca_instance_name >. This should be a certification authority where you have MDM certificate templates enabled.

    If you prefer to install certificates manually, select the Do not request certificates during setupcheck box (not recommended). If you choose to create certificates manually, see the following topic in the Technical Reference: Creating Manual Certificates.
  9. If you have not already configured Microsoft Update on the server, a Microsoft Update page will appear that prompts you to configure the server for Microsoft Update. Make your selection and choose Next.

  10. On the Ready to Installpage, verify your selections, and then choose Install.

  11. Choose Finishto complete MDM Device Management Server Setup. Allow for enough time for the installation settings to replicate.