Use the following information to help you deploy the System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) system. MDM architecture enables Windows Mobile devices running the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system to connect more securely to the company network.

You must suitably plan and configure the IT infrastructure of your company before you deploy MDM.

In This Section

MDM Deployment Overview

Provides an overview of MDM deployment, including configuration requirements, assumptions, and best practices.

Step 1: Configuring Active Directory for MDM

Describes how to configure the Active Directory domain and grant permissions for administrators to install MDM.

Step 2: Installing MDM Enrollment Server

Describes how to install MDM Enrollment Server.

Step 3: Installing MDM Device Management Server

Describes how to install MDM Device Management Server.

Step 4: Installing MDM Administrator Tools

Describes how to install MDM Administrator Tools.

Step 5: Installing MDM Gateway Server

Describes how to install MDM Gateway Server.