To distribute software packages to managed Windows Mobile devices, you must sign the .cab file and its contents by using certificates. This section describes the procedures that you must perform.

.Cab and .Cpf Files Data

MDM requires that .cab and .cpf files contain Installphase and Appname data, else the .cab and .cpf packages will not register in the device software inventory. Therefore, you cannot use them with MDM.

You can send .cab and .cpf packages to client devices and the packages will install. However, because the inventory configuration service provider file does not return an installed status for the package, Software Distribution interprets this status as a request to reinstall the package every 14th day.

The following is a sample of XML code that includes the necessary Installphase and Appname elements:


<characteristic type="Install">

<parm name="InstallPhase" value="install" /> <parm name="AppName" value="Insert Provisioning Update Name Here" /> <!-- This is the update name --> </characteristic>

<!-- Insert your setttings here -->



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