For this topology, Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) 2008 is accessible using a public or home wireless access point. Limited configuration is needed unless you are using wireless access that requires authentication.

Topology benefits include the following:

When using public Wi-Fi access, note the following:

The following illustration shows a managed device communicating with MDM using public or home Wi-Fi access.

The numbers in the illustration above highlight the following:

  1. The managed device has the VPN client enabled, and IPsec communication is used between the managed device and MDM Gateway Server.

  2. If Wi-Fi access requires additional authentication (for example, payment for wireless usage), you must disable the managed device VPN client, gain access to the wireless network, and then enable the VPN client. To disable the VPN client, see Enabling or Disabling the Mobile Device VPN Client.

  3. There is normal communication between MDM Gateway Server in the perimeter network and MDM Device Management Server in the company network. No modifications are necessary. However, some home or public Wi-Fi access points may not have the required MDM MDM ports open for device communication. You must ensure these ports are opened in your IT environment. For a list of required MDM, see Planning for Mobile Device Manager.