This procedure shows you how to obtain the current list of managed devices for which wipes have been requested.

The following describes the wipe request status conditions.

Wipe Status Description


The wipe request has expired because the managed device did not connect in a pre-determined time.


The managed device reports that the wipe try has failed. That is, the request was sent to the managed device but the wipe failed.


This is this state from the time that the request is initiated until the managed device reports success or failure, or the request expires.


Resending the request after the managed device reports that the previous wipe request failed.

You can use MDM Shell cmdlets and PowerShell scripts to automate Windows Mobile device management tasks. For more information on viewing pending wipe requests with an MDM Shell cmdlet, see Get-WipeRequest.

To view recent wipe requests

  1. Open Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Console. In the navigation pane, expand Device Management.

  2. Select Recent Wipes. A list of managed devices and their wipe status appears in the details pane.

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