This topic provides some frequently asked questions about Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Device Management Server.

How do I permanently remove a device so that it no longer appears under Managed Devices?

Use MDM Cleanup Tool to clean up any remnant device objects. To download MDM Cleanup Tool, see this Microsoft Web site: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=116086 .

Can I stop MDM Software Distribution while roaming?

Yes, MDM has the Configure device management when roaming group policy with the following options:

  • Allow device management

  • Check frequency multiplier

  • Allow software downloads and Windows Update

Does MDM Software Distribution have any dependencies on Windows Update?

No, MDM uses Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) instead of Windows Update.

Can I use MDM Software Distribution to uninstall a package?

Yes. Before you distribute installation packages, you must approve the packages for specific managed devices, or groups of managed devices. You can also approve a package for removal, which uninstalls the package from the device. The software distribution component can remove and uninstall software that was installed through MDM, or some other means such as Active Sync or external storage media. If you install software using other means, then you must publish the packages in MDM, and make sure that the inventory on the device is aware of the software.

How do I initiate a wipe request?

In MDM console, right-click the device, and then select Wipe Now. You can also run the New-WipeRequestcmdlet in MDM Shell.

How does MDM process a wipe request?

MDM sends the request to the device over the Mobile VPN connection. The device then connects to MDM Device Management Server and retrieves its wipe request task.

Can MDM process a wipe request from a blocked device that is incapable of establishing a Mobile VPN connection?

No. If you want to wipe a device, do not block it.

Does MDM block a device automatically after a device wipe?

Yes, but only after the device is successfully wiped or un-enrolled.

Can I issue an immediate device wipe?

All wipes are immediate in the sense that MDM sends an alert. If the device is offline, then MDM cannot issue the wipe request until the device establishes a Mobile VPN connection and receives the alert, or when it connects at a regularly-scheduled time and receives the wipe request.

Can I still wipe a device after a failed wipe session?

Yes. If the session fails, the device reconnects to complete that session when it is powered up. It retries until the session successfully completes.