Use the following procedure to remove System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) enrollment server. After you uninstall the last enrollment server, make sure that you select the option to remove the databases.

To remove MDM enrollment server

  1. On the enrollment server, open Control Panel.

  2. Select Add or Remove Programs, select Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager-Enrollment Server, and then choose Change.

  3. On the Welcomepage, choose Next.

  4. On the Repair or remove installationpage, choose Remove.

  5. On the Remove Enrollment Server Databasespage, choose Next. If you are uninstalling the last enrollment server, check the Remove Enrollment Server databasesbox, and then choose Next.

  6. On the Ready to Removepage, choose Remove.

  7. On the Completed the Enrollment Server Setup Wizardpage, choose Finish.