Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Administrator Tools lets you manage the MDM system by using the following management consoles and extensions:

MDM Management Console: MDM Console is the core management tool. You can install this GUI-based management tool on MDM Device Management Server, MDM Enrollment Server, or on computer workstations. This Microsoft® Management Console (MMC 3.0) snap-in lets you manage Windows Mobile devices, components, and gateway servers. The following list shows some examples of you how you can use this console:

Group Policy Extensions: The Group Policy extensions let administrators manage device, network, and certificate settings through the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). You use the GPMC to push MDM mobile group policies to managed devices, and to enforce these policies. The GPMC extensions can assign specific Group Policy objects (GPOs) to organizational units (OUs), security groups, and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) filters. If it is required, the GPMC extensions blocks specific devices from receiving policies.

MDM Software Distribution Management Console: MDM Software Distribution Console provides software distribution capabilities and gives you the ability push software .cab files to a managed device. It enables you to manage and distribute software and firmware to managed devices.

MDM PowerShell Console: MDM Shell is built on Microsoft Windows® PowerShell™ technology. It provides a command-line interface that enables the automation of administrative tasks by using cmdlets (pronounced "command-lets").