To install software on managed Windows Mobile devices, you can use Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Software Distribution Console to create a software package. MDM software distribution works with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to distribute packages to managed devices.

MDM Software Distribution Console lets you create, manage, and approve packages.

Creating a New Package

The Create Package Wizard helps you create a new software package. You specify the installation file and then select the conditions that must exist on the managed device before the package software installs. You can specify the type of managed device for the intended package, the languages required on the device, and any dependencies from other software packages or registry keys.

Managing Packages

After you create packages, you can view information about the packages such as properties, file information, and revision history. You can also search for packages and run reports to show package status.

Approving and Declining Packages

In order to distribute a package to managed Windows Mobile devices, you must approve the package for one or more device groups. You can approve the package for installation or for removal. If you approve the package for installation, then the package is installed on each device in the designated device groups. If you approve the package for removal, the package is uninstalled from each device. You can also decline a package in which case the package is not distributed to any devices. Packages can only be deleted when in the Not Approvedor Declinedstates.

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