This document provides Information Technology (IT) professionals with the procedures to manage Windows Mobile devices and servers in Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) 2008. It also provides recommendations and best practices for both MDM server and mobile client operation.

This guide assumes that you have a general understanding of the following:

This guide also assumes that you have deployed all components of the MDM infrastructure in your IT environment, including:

In This Section

Managing MDM Devices

Describes how to use MDM Console to manage and control managed Windows Mobile devices.

Distributing Software to Managed Devices

Describes how to use Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) to distribute software to managed Windows Mobile devices.

Managing MDM Servers

Describes how to manage MDM Device Management Server, MDM Enrollment Server, and MDM Gateway Server.

Configuring MDM Services

Describes how to manage the services provided by the MDM system, including enrollment, device inventory, device wipe, and software distribution.

MDM Backup and Recovery

Provides an overview of backup and recovery requirement for MDM.