By using Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Console, you can install additional computers to run MDM Gateway Server in your MDM environment. First, you must install System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) on every computer where you want to run MDM Gateway Server.

These steps assume the following:

To add MDM Gateway Server to an enterprise

  1. From MDM Console, expand Mobile Device Manager, and then select Gateway Management.

  2. Right-click Gateway Managementand then select Add MDM Gateway Wizard.

  3. The Introductionpage appears. In the Gateway Namebox, type the name of the new MDM Gateway Server, and then choose Next.

  4. On the Access Pointspage, type the external IPsec address and the access point name. Accept the default port, or type an alternative port, and then choose Next.

    The access point port should be the same port that you specified during MDM Gateway Server Setup.
  5. If you do not want to create an IP address pool for devices supported by the new server, on the Address Poolpage, choose Next.

    If you do want to create an IP address pool, choose Add. The Network Subnetdialog box appears. Type the IP address of the beginning of the address pool and then type an appropriate subnet mask. Choose Next.

    Setup calculates the IP addresses in the range represented by the base address and subnet. Then, it creates the range automatically.
  6. On the DNS/WINSpage, type the IP addresses for your preferred Domain Name System (DNS) and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) servers. You can leave these boxes blank. Choose Next.

  7. On the Add Gatewaypage, review the settings. If you have to make changes, choose Back. When you are satisfied with the settings, choose Add.

  8. When Setup is complete, the Completionpage appears. Choose Finishto close the wizard.

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