Information for a selected managed Windows Mobile device, such as application settings, proxy settings, and installed certificates, displays in the lower half of the details pane in Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Console. You use Update Device Detailsto refresh the details pane with information for the selected managed device. This command retrieves device information that is currently stored in the database. It does not poll the managed device for the most recent information.

You can use MDM Shell cmdlets and PowerShell scripts to automate Windows Mobile device management tasks. For more information on retrieving device information with MDM Shell cmdlets, see Device Inventory Cmdlets.

To get updated device information

  1. Open MDM Console. In the navigation pane, expand the Device Managementnode.

  2. Select All Managed Devices. The list of managed devices appears in the details pane.

  3. In the details pane, find the name of the managed device and then select it.

  4. Right-click the name of the managed device and select Update Device Details.

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