The way that you set Group Policies determines the level of user access. You use the Group Policy Object Editor to view or change policy settings.

In Group Policy Editor, you can show only policies that are configured.

For a description of all administrator policies, see the Operations Guide at this Microsoft Web site: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=112415 .

In This Section

Minimum Policy Settings

Describes the minimum policies you should set to have a device unlocked but still enable you to manage it by using System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM).

Restricted Connection Policy Settings

Describes the policies you should set to block Internet access on a managed Windows Mobile device. This scenario lets you secure the perimeter of the network. This allows information exchange only through a managed environment.

Single Purpose Policy Settings

Describes the policies you should set on a single-purpose device, such as a device that is used only to track deliveries. In this scenario, you disable applications to prevent use other than the intended purpose.

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