This section shows you how to create a new enrollment request through Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Console. By using the New Enrollment Wizard, you can generate the password that you must have to enroll a Windows Mobile device.

These steps assume the following:

You can use MDM Shell cmdlets and PowerShell scripts to automate Windows Mobile device management tasks. For more information on creating an enrollment request with an MDM Shell cmdlet, see New-EnrollmentRequest. MDM Bulk Pre-Enrollment is a command line tool to pre-enroll groups of Windows Mobile devices. To download MDM Bulk Pre-Enrollment Tool, see MDM Server Tools at this Microsoft Web page: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=108953 .

To enroll a new device through MDM Console

  1. On the Startmenu, point to All Programs, and then choose Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager.

  2. Choose Mobile Device Manager Console.

  3. In the Consoletree, expand Mobile Device Manager, expand Device Management, and then select Pending Enrollments.

  4. Right-click Pending Enrollmentsand then select Create Pre-Enrollment.

  5. The Pre-Enrollment Wizardappears. Choose Next.

  6. On the Name Devicepage, type the name of the device in the Device Namebox. Choose Browseto locate and select the organizational unit to which you want to assign the Windows Mobile device. Choose Next.

  7. On the Select Userpage, select the type of user account that you want to associate with the Windows Mobile device:

    • Active Directory User: You can use Group Policy to manage policy settings on managed Windows Mobile devices that have an Active Directory user name. In addition, you can automatically send an e-mail message that notifies the Active Directory user of enrollment.

    • Other user identifier: You cannot use Group Policy to apply user-based policies to managed devices that have other identifiers. To enroll a device that has other identifiers, the user must type the identifier as the e-mail address and may have to specify the MDM Enrollment Server URL.

    • Anonymous User: You cannot use Group Policy to apply user-based policies to managed devices enrolled as anonymous. To enroll a device that specifies anonymous as the user name, the user must type anonymousas the e-mail address and then specify the MDM Enrollment Server URL.

  8. If you select an Active Directory user, choose Browse. A page appears with a list of available users. Double-click the appropriate user, and then on the Select Userpage, choose Next.

  9. The Create Pre-enrollmentpage appears with a summary of the selections that you made to this point. Choose Backto review or change settings. After verifying that the selections are correct, choose Create.

  10. When it is finished, a page appears with the pre-enrollment data for the Windows Mobile device. You can press Ctrl+C to copy the data for your records. Choose Finish.

  11. In MDM Console, the device that you want to enroll in MDM appears in the Pending Enrollmentslist.

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